MTV2 interviewed Odd Future rapper Tyler, the Creator and Pharrell at his Billionaire Boys Club store in New York City, during Fashion's Night Out last week, where the two skater-rappers talked fashion, Walmart, stealing and electric scooters.

The Neptunes front man revealed that he had initially hoped to sign the Los Angeles crew, but caught on too late. "I missed that boat, I was mad as s---. But I'm happy because [Odd Future manager Chris] Clancy's idea to have them be the youngest in charge, doin' their own s---, all the stuff that I always preach about, he was very headstrong about making sure that they did that," Pharrell explained. "It had nothin' to do with me, but it was just interesting to see some s--- that I had said, and the things that I wanted to see happen were actually happening."

The conversation then took a predictably odd turn, when Pharrell asked Tyler where he was a year before. "Poor. Stealing stuff, sellin' it to pawn shops," the 20-year-old replied. "I still do that, I can't front. I don't do much, I basically do the same s---."

The elder fashion guru-production hero then dispensed a bit of questionable advice, before doling out some tour fashion tips. "Let me tell you what you gotta do, when you go on tour in America, cause there's so many Walmarts, what we used to do? We would always go and get those things that the older folks sit on, that they drive [electric scooters] and just go on a serious tirade in the store. We dont knock s--- down, but I'm sure that's what you're gonna do. They have like the illest Dickie and Carhart collection inside of Walmart, for sure."

"They got good T-shirts," Tyler agreed.

Tyler, the Creator was recently featured on the Pharrell-produced Pusha T single 'Trouble On My Mind,' from Pusha's upcoming EP 'Fear of God II: Let Us Pray.'

Tyler's 'Goblin' album is in stores now.

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