In case you were unaware, legendary producer Pete Rock is not feeling a lot of these newbie rappers.

Last week, he dissed Memphis native Young Dolph for having a young kid at listening party where he played his cocaine-loving song, "In My System." It seems that he also let his feelings be known about Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty. The producer posted Yachty's freestyle on Hot 97 with thumbs down and poop emojis, along with a picture that was titled, "When a wack rapper is asked to freestyle."

When a commenter asked Pete if he thought that hip-hop was dead, the producer didn't hold back.

“He sucks mud on a rainy day,” he wrote. "In america yes [hip-hop] its dead. Across the water where i am its very much alive sir. Big time!!!”

He says Hot 97 asked Yachty to freestyle to "play him out."

"They know he’s trash but they want yall to see that he is trash lol," he wrote.

He said that basically, rappers like Yachty and Dolph aren't making music that relevant to the times.

“They dont match the world that we live in making this kinda nonsense or not reppin the culture right," he wrote. "They breeding these stupid ass fans with no f---ing brains. So we gonna have a world full of that?? Really???”

For Dolph's part, once he caught wind of Pete Rock's criticism of his music, he went on Twitter to let the world know how he felt about it.

“Sumbody tell pety rock that Dolph said eat a d--- and choke on it wit da rest of my haters," he wrote.

Yachty doesn't seem to have replied yet but if his back and forth with Hot 97's Ebro or Anderson .Paak  is any indication, he'll have something to say soon.

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