Former State Property rapper Peedi Crakk has finally returned home after spending more than a year in prison.

The Philly MC, who was at one point one of the most talked about artists on Jay-Z's Roc-La-Familia roster, suffered various career setbacks since appearing on the scene with Beanie Sigel, Freeway and co. Peedi struggled with his label, who shelved him, and with various legal issues, most recently serving time for a parole violation. Though his incarceration was largely kept private, the rapper became noticeably quiet after announcing that he was signing with indie upstart Amalgam Digital, for whom he was recording his long-awaited debut, 'A Night in the Life.'

According to his manager Breigh, Peedi was released from prison on April 1, and is currently hard at work at Philadelphia's Bat Cave Studios. Because he served a full-sentence, Peedi does not have to worry about parole this time around, serving out a simple probation.