Once upon a time, socialite blonde person Paris Hilton, rapper Lil Wayne and Afrojack landed in the same sonic realm and ended up making a song together. This unholy trinity's collusion resulted in one of this year's most confusing collaborations, known simply as "Last Night."

According to Rapfix, the Afrojack-produced single is supposed to land on an upcoming "album" from the Hilton heiress. In the video below, you can hear Paris' altered vocals being layered over some thick club beats. It is pretty run of the mill electro stuff ... that is, until Weezy gets involved.

"Last night was awesome/super fuckin' awesome," Wayne says right out the gate, before ramping up his rhymes to full throttle. There's a lot to discuss in the short guest spot he's given. One topic Wayne references is the infamous Paris Hilton sex tape "One Night in Paris," to which he gleefully raps "Excuse my french, but fuck the cameras/I wanna spend a night in Paris."


Check out the full leaked song below. And remember ... you cannot unhear this.

Watch "Last Night"

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