Papoose has been a devoted husband to Remy Ma since her released from prison in 2014. But rumors have been running rampant online recently of a Connecticut woman claiming she's been romantically involved with Pap while Remy is on tour.

The alleged side chick reportedly also claims that she recently gave birth to his love child. She also posted a photo of this purported child on her Instagram page. While Remy Ma hasn't addressed the alleged rumors, her hubby Pap jumped on his Instagram account to vehemently denied the baby rumors.

The "Alphabetical Slaughter" rapper posted a brief clip of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" to further show down rumors that he's being doing Remy Ma dirty in these streets. "Sad, sad, sad what some people will do for attention/followers these days," he wrote in the caption. "Shout out to the fake blogger who STARTED this lie along with the female in this picture. Peace 2 the innocent child. SMH."

"I'm not sure who paid y'all to do this but return their money cause it didn't work," he continued. "Hope y'all enjoyed y'all 5 seconds of fame...I'm gonna let MJ talk to y'all cause he said it better than me."

Papoose also posted two more videos of the alleged side chick pretty much saying that she has never had sexual relations with the rapper. In the end, this is a classic case of when social media goes wrong.

"I truly believe someone paid these two woman to fabricate this story I guess some people don't like to see others happy but my wife and I will continue to represent loyalty marriage," wrote Papoose.

Well, there you have it. Papoose and Remy Ma's marriage is solid like a rock.

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