Legendary Atlanta production crew Organized Noize celebrated their rich musical legacy with their fantastic documentary, The Art of Organized Noize, last year. On Thursday (April 20), which is the official smokers’ holiday (4/20), the legendary producers surprised fans with a hypnotic new single called “Kush” featuring 2 Chainz and singer Joi.

As the title suggests, the track is an ode to Mary Jane but also boasts sexualized lyrics from both Deuces and Joi. Over a bass-heavy beat, airy guitars and a groovy bass riff, the song is the perfect soundtrack for toking on the gangja.

"Record player spinnin' on the 45 / Many real pretend for the delicate rush / Kiss me like you mean it, then pass the kush / Gonna f--- you later, first pass the kush / Kiss me like you mean it, then pass the kush," sings Joi on the hook.

Meanwhile, 2 Chainz spits a bevy of stream of consciousness rhymes which contains slick references to weed and sex. "My philosophy, I like the no-panty type / If I don't smoke one, I ain't got no appetite / Yo, this is art of war / I'm the rap carnivore / Treat this s--- like a carnival / Stop playin' with me boy," he raps.

Along with their new single, Organized Noize is ready to drop their new self-titled EP on May 5. You can pre-order the project now at therealonp.com.

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