Respected industry veteran Dante Ross has A&R-ed, produced and worked with artists ranging from the Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill to De La Soul and Del. So when he dubs notorious Wu-Tang rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard "the craziest person I ever worked with in my life," he's probably not kidding.

In a recent video, Ross discussed a particularly memorable Ol' Dirty incident, where he attempted to facilitate a collaboration between the Wu wildman and legendary queens rapper LL Cool J.

"I get the call from Chris Lighty, who's managing LL Cool J at the time, and [he] says, 'I want to put your man Ol' Dirty on a song with LL. LL really feels him." Ross explains. "So I get Dirty there. He shows up with a guy named Crazy Sam. We start trying to get him to rap on the song -- he's not doing it. He's listening to the beat. He's wasting time. Finally Chris is like, 'Yo, my man, what are we doing here?' [ODB] goes, 'Yo, LL wants me to rap on a song? F--- a LL.' Chris is like 'Excuse me?' [ODB's] like 'F--- a LL!' Then he walks off to the lobby of Chung King [studio], takes a LL platinum record off the wall, throws it on the ground and he's like, 'I'll piss on a LL!"

Though Ross attempted to intervene, Dirty had his own agenda. "Chris Lighty's like, 'Yo, enough is enough. The session's over, forget it already ... Get out of the room.' Dirty goes to pull his thing out and pee on the LL record. He's like I'm a pee on LL! He's kickin' me out the session?' LL's not even there. He has no idea what is going on. Chris Lighty and his man start reaching like they're gonna pull something out -- Dirty and me in the middle, and Dirty's tryna pull his wiener out to pee on a LL record."

Luckily for Ross, he was able to calm down Lighty, whose management firm, Violator, represents some of the industries biggest artists, including Diddy, Mariah Carey and 50 Cent.

Unfortunately, things did not work out so well for the plaque. "I walk upstairs, and Dirty is there. Real talk, Dirty had peed on the LL record. That was the real deal. Ol' Dirty Bastard and LL's great collaboration never came off, cause Dirty was out of his mind that day."

The ill part is that the plaque is still hanging on the wall at Chung King, forever besmirched by the Dirt Dog, R.I.P.

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