Los Angeles hip-hop collective Odd Future continues to make inroads to mainstream culture. For the group's next stop, they have hooked-up with producers at 'Funny or Die' to create a new sketch that spoofs the music industry's mostly clueless embrace of the group.

"They're like Nicki Minaj with dicks and there's nine of them," screams an excited studio executive at the beginning of the sketch. "It's like the Black Eyed Peas, if the Black Eyed Peas made music!" The executive, played by the ever-hilarious Paul Scheer, finally meets the group and immediately suggests that they collaborate with Katy Perry, change their name to the Funtime Gang, replace rapping about sex and violence with Disney-appropriate content and then start an animated series where they ride a nine-person bicycle and solve mysteries with George Washington. Watch the hilarious clip below.

The best part of the clip might be the group's leader Tyler, the Creator making fun of the executive's lack of class while walking out. "Use a f---ing coaster next time, b----," he says after leaving a path of undeniable destruction.

Odd Future have been getting a lot of press these days. Kanye gave major props to Tyler the Creator in recent tweets, and their appearance on 'Late Night and Jimmy Fallon' was received well enough that the collective will perform at the mtvU Woodies Awards, even though they're not nominated in any category. Looks like leaving a path of undeniable destruction gets you places.

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