Celebrated Chicago hip-hop producer No I.D. dropped a collaboration with rapper Common out of nowhere. The song is called 'Summer Madness,' and is from an EP project called 'Cocaine 80s – The Pursuit' that includes No I.D. and a collective of artists including guitarist Steve Wyreman, engineer Rob Kinelski, keyboardist Kevin Randolph and others.

The project was made available last night via Chicago hip-hop blog FakeShoreDrive. "No I.D. has basically assembled an all-star cast of musicians, vocalists and emcees who are holed up in his L.A. studio just creating music," FakeShoreDrive founder Andrew Barber tells the BoomBox. "In between working on high-profile projects for the likes of Big Sean and Common, the collective put together this 'Cocaine 80s EP.' I'd heard they were loosely working on some music, but I had no idea an EP would be dropping so soon. It literally came out of nowhere. It was one of those treasures that just magically appeared in my inbox late last night. I'm told this is only the tip of the iceberg for what No I.D. and Common have in store, however ... "

While the EP features six other tracks, the hip-hop Internet was buzzing off of 'Summer Madness,' which features Common kicking crisp rhymes about volatile Chicago summers over electric guitars and a muddled but soothing bassline. "Black heat on the streets of desire, some got rich and some got priors/ My dogs hop live wires, and steal cars with pliers/ Wanna see more and be more like 'The Wire,'" he raps on the first verse.

'Summer Madness' marks the latest reunion of Common on the rhymes and No I.D. on the beats -- the producer also helmed 'We Can Do It Now' featuring Common, Lupe Fiasco and Jennifer Hudson last year. It was No I.D., who Kanye West considers to be his mentor, who helmed the majority of the production on Common's breakthrough 'Resurrection' album in 1994. More recently, No I.D. handled most of the production on Def Jam rapper Big Sean's just released 'Finally Famous' debut.

Common's ninth album, 'The Dreamer, The Believer,' is due out later this year and is set to feature production from No I.D. and Kanye West.

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