Nina SkyTwin sisters Nina and Natalie Albino, who make up the R&B/reggaeton group Nina Sky, landed a few minutes of fame back in 2004 with the release of the hit single 'Move Ya Body,' from their self-titled debut album. After landing a feature on Major Lazer's track 'Keep It Going Louder' last summer, the duo put plans in motion to release their sophomore album 'Starting Today' in 2010 but hit a brick wall when their label Polo Grounds failed to cooperate.

According to the twins, Polo Grounds has no intention of releasing their album or releasing them from their contract, leaving their career stagnant. As an obvious solution to their problem, Nina and Natalie took to Twitter to rally fans to help them out. First step: distribute the personal contact information of Polo Grounds label head Bryan Leach on the Internet.

The sisters explained their plight, then proceeded to distribute both Leach's home and work numbers in addition to his e-mail address, urging fans to contact him on their behalf. The tweets began on Wednesday (March 10) with the pair writing "Starting a new campaign today ... 'Nina Sky Doesn't Play Polo." In a series of follow-up tweets, they gave more details on the situation, saying "For months we've had a complete album, ready for release. After months of no movement we asked to be released, still nothing. No acknowledgment from the President of our label Bryan Leach. Bottom line, we want to be released. If you're really down with our movement holler@ Bryan Leach."

On Thursday (March 11) Nina and Natalie posted an update on their blog explaining that they were urged to remove the controversial tweets but had refused to do so. Despite the risk involved in their strategy, they posted several e-mails from fans who had actually taken the time out to contact Leach. It's safe to say that Leach will be less than amused by Nina Sky's Twitter stunt, but you've got to admire their bravery. Ironically, last year they released the track 'On Some Bullshit.' Check out the video below.