Nicki Minaj is spending Valentine's Day with a very special entity in her life -- her music. The Young Money frontwoman, who teamed with 1-800-Flowers to "ensure dudes get some a--" this Valentine's Day, noted that she will use the day to put in some work.

"I'm gonna be in the studio for Valentine's Day working," she told The BoomBox. Although Minaj didn't reveal whether she would be working on her new album, the Queens, NY native described her sophomore release as having a "lot of epic craziness going on."

Minaj, who has been open about her attraction towards both men and women, has stated in previous interviews that she is too busy to date, but when it comes to love for her Cash Money/Young Money crew, there's no denying she's smitten. "I wouldn't work with anyone else if you paid me," she said. "They are everything. I can't really even describe it in words, it's just a feeling."

With her debut album 'Pink Friday' now in its third month of release, Minaj continues to ride the wave of popularity. Last week, the album topped the Billboard album chart, while her current single 'Moment 4 Life' hit No. 1 on the singles charts.

Watch Nicki Minaj's 'Moment 4 Life'
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