A lot of male rappers have been flexing their icy jewelry on the 'Gram, and now it's the Queen Barbz's turn to get her flex on. Nicki Minaj recently unveiled on her Instagram account her newest acquisition in iced-out jewelry.

The “No Frauds” rapper posted a video of her new diamond-encrusted pendant that also works as an optical illusion. If you look closely, it reads “Barbie” before it switches to “Pinkprint” right before your eyes.

“Last night in the club, one of the rappers thought his eyes were playing tricks on’em,” she wrote in the caption. “I said nah n---- u seeing right. Barbie® + ThePinkprint logo all in one piece. Man I’ma start shootin action movies in honor of me always stuntin on u n----z."

We have seen a lot of elaborate blinged-out chains, but Nicki's necklace is quite impressive. We have to give this one an A-plus for creativity.

Nicki went on to suggest that bootleg jewelers won't be able to copy her very intricate pendant design and sell them on eBay. "I dare y’all to figure this one out! if I see this s--- being sold on eBay for 39.99 I’m deleting all my socials," she wrote.

Not only is Nicki the queen of rap, she's also the queen of stunting. Check out more pictures below.

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