Following the release of her smash debut 'Pink Friday,' Nicki Minaj isn't slowing down on the promo grind. The Queens rapstress is currently gearing up to shoot the video for 'Moment 4 Life,' a collaboration with her Young Money teammate Drake, with label president Mack Maine speaking on when the Harajuku Barbie will etch time into her schedule for the clip.

"She's shooting hopefully on December 20,' Maine told MTV News. We're still trying to work out the date for the next video with [Nicki] and Drake for the 'Moment 4 Life' video. That's the next project." So far, Nicki has released several music videos for cuts off the project, beginning with the chart-topping single 'Your Love' back in July 2010. She followed with the Japanese-inspired 'Check It Out' featuring, and later released a mini-soap opera clip for 'Right Thru Me.'

Nicki, who sold more than 375,000 copies of 'Pink Friday' in her first week, was elated about the success of the LP, which gave the title for highest selling first week sales for a female rapper. "She was excited. We talked about it and her emotion was crazy," he continued. "She basically shed tears, tears of joy. I have to congratulate her and say thank you to all of the fans that supported - without them we wouldn't be anything ... She wouldn't be anything."

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