Lil Wayne's I Am Still Music tour may be the last chance for fans to enjoy Nicki Minaj's signature lap dance routine, which she's performed on NBA stars Chris Paul and Steve Nash, and even her own boss, at a stop in Long Island, N.Y.

The curvaceous Young Money rapper has announced that she will be "86-ing" her salacious show stopper on her summer tour with Britney Spears. "This will be my last round of lap dances," she told Yesi Ortiz and Felli Fel on Los Angeles' Power 106 yesterday. "When I go [out] with Britney, no more lap dances."

While her erotic moves may be on hiatus for her upcoming tour with the pop princess, fans may still get a chance of her newly coined alter-ego "Lap Dance Nika" in the near future, Nicki hinted.

"The one that comes out with the lap dances on stage, I think that's Lap Dance Nika. Let's call her Lap Dance Nika," she revealed. "Some of my fans, my Team Minaj Barbz, they've called me that sometimes on Twitter, so I thought it was cute, so we'll call her Lap Dance Nika."

Nicki will likely still be offering fans a show at one of the remaining I Am Still Music tour dates in Los Angeles, Anaheim and Oakland, before the tour heads up to Edmonton and Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Her lap dance-free Femme Fatale tour with Britney Spears kicks off on June 17 in Sacramento, Calif.

The Harajuku Barbie has also revealed that she will be releasing her second album in the next 12 months. "You'll get another album within 12 months," Nicki announced. "You'll get the announcement for the next album in -- and I'm saying the announcement -- in September. That's all."

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