Nicki Minaj is enjoying kicking it with her new boo Meek Mill and preparing for the Pinkprint tour in Europe, but the Queen of Young Money is never too busy for the promo grind.

The rapper called up BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Charlie Sloth on Thursday (March 5) and addressed everything from her relationship -- which fans can follow on social media -- to Tyga leaking her “Truffle Butter” record and the beef between her mentor Lil Wayne and his own mentor Birdman.

When asked how it’s going with Meek, whom she confirmed was her beau via a slew of coupled-up social media posts, Nicki said the pair are compatible and just having fun. “When the kid do it, the kid get it done, nah mean?” Nicki said. She recently went through a public break-up after ending a 12-year relationship with Safaree “Scaff Brezzy” Samuels, so it’s nice to see the "Buy a Heart" rhymer happy and back in the game.

But she moved from one happy relationship to the turmoil in the Young Money/Cash Money camp. Nicki opened up about the drama between Lil Wayne and Baby. Weezy filed a $51 million lawsuit against his father figure and threatened to take Drake and Nicki with him. However, the head Barb still hopes for the best between the music moguls.

“I don’t think it’ll ever get to that point,” she said with optimism in her voice. “People know that I love Wayne and I have loyalty towards him, but I love Baby too. I’m very close to Baby, and I don’t think people know that,” she said. “I am banking on the fact that they’re gonna work this out like family. They’ve gone through things before just like family does and it is what it is. They gonna get through it. I’m not even gonna think that way.”

She even addressed her Billboard No. 1 hit “Truffle Butter,” confirming that a music video is highly unlikely. “When a song is that successful without a video, I don’t really know if we need one,” she said. “It was just for the streets, for the love, and we weren’t really gonna shoot a video, to be honest.”

In other “Truffle Butter” news, Nicki got into her issues with Tyga over the track. Her former label mate was apparently set to appear on the song but that was before a leaked version featuring his verse appeared online. Although Tyga said he didn't put out the song, Nicki thinks otherwise.

“Low and behold, it leaked with him on it after I told him not to put it out and I thought that was a little bit disrespectful ’cause I had always shown him love,” she shared. “I had always done stuff with him, took him on tour with me, and I thought it was disrespectful ’cause I am the queen of Young Money.”

However, Tyga was apologetic for any confusion. "‘You were always there for me,'” she revealed he wrote in a text to her. “And I respected him for saying that because one thing about me, I’m a very forgiving person. But as long as you can come to your senses after the fact and remember who looks out for you and who was there and who supports you, then it’s all good. He’s entitled to make a mistake every now and then, and we handled it as such.”

Nicki and Trey Songz will kick off the Pinkprint tour on March 16 in Sweden.

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