What does it take to get a video banned on BET, a network that, over the years, has aired hundreds, if not thousands, of violent and-or sexually suggestive hip-hop clips? Whatever it is, it's in Nicki Minaj's 'Stupid H--' visuals, which the cable channel refuses to air, TMZ reports.

According to the gossip site, BET won't say for certain why it banned Nicki's Hype Williams-directed clip, but a source revealed the new video is "too explicit for TV."

Marcy Polanco, a BET spokesperson, tells The BoomBox officially that Minaj's video will not receive any play. "The video will not be airing on BET or CENTRIC," she states.

It might have something to do with the lyrics, as Minaj -- presumably dissing Lil' Kim -- uses the titular putdown over and over again. Or perhaps BET's censors don't like that part where the Queens rapper dons a leotard and makes like Grace Jones on the cover of 'Island Life,' contorting herself in a rather unnatural fashion.

Or might it be the part where Nicki writhes around in a leopard cage? She's certainly picked a mighty and majestic animal to morph into, but at first glance, the segment isn't exactly empowering to women. Ditto the part where the 'Pink Friday' creator shows her exaggerated special-effects-enhanced -- we hope -- badonkadonk in profile -- yet another possible reason BET pulled the plug.

Not that Nicki needs BET to get on TV. 'Twenty twelve, I'm at the Super Bowl,' she raps in the final verse, reminding us all of the Madonna team-up that, come Sunday, will put her and her outrageous sense of humor in front of millions of people around the world.

The Young Money MC will debut her sophomore LP, 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,' April 3.

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