Nicki Minaj is at it again! The rap queen, who loves to show off her curvaceous body, titillated her fans with a slew of photos of her taking a shower on Instagram.

In the pics, the 'Lookin' Ass N----' MC’s back is facing the camera as she washes her bodacious figure. In one photo, she turns slightly and gives her followers a smile. In the last photo, she throws up the deuces.

Of course, once Minaj posted the photos, the thirst came in huge waves.

"You look beautiful without makeup!!" wrote one fan, while another commented, "Let me give you a gud bck masach" (which translates to "Let me give you a good back massage").

No word on why Minaj wanted to take a shower for the world to see. However, it appears that she’s keeping her natural hair.

In the meantime, Minaj is working on her next album 'The Pink Print,' which doesn’t have a release date as of yet.