Nicki Minaj has blessed Instagram with a slew of new selfies that has the Internet abuzz. It appears the Queen Bee has gone au natural.

The rap queen is getting back to basics as she showcases photos of herself donning a natural ponytail hairstyle. "No perm or extensions," she wrote to her 17 million followers.

Then the 31-year-old MC showed off her other assets. Minaj posted photos of herself sitting in front of a vanity mirror wearing a fishnet bikini with black pasties covering up her nipples. She completed her ensemble with draping gold jewelry that would make 2 Chainz jealous.

Minaj also posted a full body shot of her barely-there outfit. There's alot of curves and her hair in a bun.

Overall, we're loving Nicki Minaj’s natural look and we hope it stays for whatever project she is working on right now.

'Boss Ass Bitch'? Yes, indeed. Check out the photos below.