Nicki Minaj addressed her reasons for dropping out of Hot 97's Summer Jam concert Sunday (June 3), speaking with DJ Funkmaster Flex Monday night (June 4) in a heated interview.

The Young Money rhymer, who was insulted by the New York radio station's morning show personality Peter Rosenberg -- he slammed her song "Starships" -- pulled out of performing onstage. Lil Wayne made the announcement via Twitter and Minaj cleared the air in her conversation with Flex about exactly what transpired. She even set the record straight with Flex about his negative comments regarding her album sales.

"And I want you to pull up your roster from everyone who was performing on your show," she told Flex. "My first album sold 375,000 copies in its first week. My first album has gone on to sell 3.5 million records. My second album is at 900,000 worldwide, plus a three million selling single. If you don't know, call Matt Voss at Universal, Flex, do the math, m-a-t-h, that's one-point-two-million on my second album. Even without the single, I've sold. Three. Point. Five. Million. Albums."

"In Two Years. I want you before you ever open your mouth -- it's so misleading, when I saw Foxy Brown, she said, Nic, why are they saying things about your sales when you've gone number one in four countries? You know who the last one to do that was, Flex? The person previous to me was Eminem in 2010."

Word is that Nicki Minaj will now play a free show for Hot 97 to make up for her Summer Jam cancellation.

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