Nicki Minaj has launched another attack in her ongoing wax war with Lil Kim, and this one is no stealth operation. On the just-released diss track 'Stupid Hoe,' Nicki broadsides the Queen Bee, rapping in the aggressive style of her Roman Zolanski alter ego.

"I get it cracking like a bad back," Minaj raps in the opening verse, "Bitch talkin' she the queen, she she looking like a lab rat."

With the next line, Minaj's assault on Kim comes with some collateral damage, as Jennifer Aniston gets caught in the crossfire.

"I'm Angelina, you Jennifer/ C'mon, bitch, you see where Brad at?" Nicki taunts.

Elsewhere, Nicki likens Kim to Michael Jackson's chimp, Bubbles, and implies that if she'd pursued a friendship rather than instigating a beef, the former superstar might have ridden her pink coattails back into the limelight. She's sharp as ever in the verses, and when it comes to the hook, she thumps her rival with terrific bluntness.

"You a stupid ho," she raps, "You a, you a stupid ho."

Equally notable is the line toward the end in which Minaj seems to confirm the rumor that she'll be appearing with Madonna at a certain high-profile event early next year.

"Put a cape on, you a super ho," the line goes, "2012, I'm at the Super Bowl."

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