When we first heard Nick Gordon's name shortly after Whitney Houston's death in 2012, he was referred to as the late singer's unofficial adopted son. Then he and Bobbi Kristina Brown became engaged that same year and understandably, since she was found face down in a bathtub in January, he has captivated the media with sob stories about his loss and the treatment he's received from both sides of Bobbi Kristina's family. He recently sat down with Dr. Phil to tell his story, but what transpired was an apparent intervention.

Fans have discussed the potential outcome of the coveted interview for weeks. Many agree that Gordon's PR and legal teams must be crazy for allowing him to speak publicly during ongoing investigation. But that didn't stop the 24-year-old Georgia native from appearing on Dr. Phil McGraw's show, 'Dr. Phil.'

However, the plans for a serious interview to find out what really happened the night Bobbi Kristina was rushed to the hospital changed when Dr. Phil got word of an out-of-control, inebriated Gordon. Concerned for his mental state, CBS network's famed doctor called off the interview and instead staged an intervention with the falling "star."

During the show, Dr. Phil first speaks with Nick's mother before looking to bring her son on camera. Hearing that Nick is losing it in his Atlanta-based hotel room during filming, cameras cut to him falling over himself while speaking in unrecognizable, slurred speech. Once the doctor gets up to bring Nick down to speak to fans, he tells viewers he will carry Nick over his shoulder if he must.

Throughout filming, Gordon switches between a high-pitched 5-year-old screaming and a sulking baby while continually telling Dr. Phil he's done with this "interview." While Dr. Phil attempts to ask Nick questions about his clear drug and alcohol use, Nick blurts out, "Oh my gosh! I just made him [Dr. Phil] more famous. Let's do this." He accuses Phil of being on Xanax, to which he quickly responds, "If I stick with you long enough, I will be." Gordon asks the camera crew to stop filming him and only show his arms instead.

Ultimately, the #NickGordonIntervention was a disturbing scene to watch.

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