Although they haven't officially divorced, it appears Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's relationship is still headed downhill. Proof of that is a new image that shows Cannon had the insanely large "Mariah" tattoo on his back altered.

On Thursday (Oct. 2), the actor-comedian was DJing at Playhouse in Los Angeles to celebrate his birthday when he decided to take his shirt off during his set. According to TMZ, Cannon had the "Mariah" tattoo covered with new ink. We couldn't make out the design but sources say it's a depiction of Jesus on the cross with angel wings coming off the end of a crucifix.

If the reports and photos are accurate, this pretty much confirms that Cannon and Carey are headed for divorce court.

Ironically, Amber Rose was at Cannon's party with her date, Nick Simmons, the son of rock star Gene Simmons. The two were reportedly grinding on each other on the dance floor.

Rose filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa after she discovered him cheating on her with identical twins.

Overall, it was a night of celebration for a jilted lover and another with some new ink.

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