Nick Cannon wants to take his disdain for Eminem directly to the ring, for a boxing match. Announcing the challenge via his Twitter page, the 29-year-old officially challenged Em.

"I'm on some Harlem Nights type s---. I'm putting my money on @Eminem to win!! LOL," Cannon wrote on Monday. Cannon also discussed the news on his radio show on New York Cityís 92.3 NOW. "There's always been this ongoing feud between myself and Eminem," Cannon said on the radio. He, and possibly the promotional team at the radio station, has even gone so far as to create a Facebook page about the "boxing match."

Although we're pretty sure, Em won't be responding to this request, even Cannon acknowledged that attempting to fight Em may be setting himself up for failure, based on droves of fans who have apparently been tweeting Cannon responses. "One things for damn sure @Eminem has way more fans than I do! They go hard! I don't want it with #Teamshady LOL." he jokingly wrote.

Cannon has had a long standing beef with Em based on comments he made about his wife, Mariah Carey. In his latest diss record 'I'm a Slick Rick,' Cannon accuses Em of avoiding a face-to-face conversation with him. Carey has also taken a few jabs back at Em until he lyrically sleighed her in the record 'Warning.' Despite mocking him in her video for 'Obsessed' in which she plays a male character that looks strikingly similar to the Detroit rapper, the songbird has since let go of her issues, and let her hubby take over the disagreement.

It's doubtful that Cannon's beef with Em will actually be played out in the ring, but we'll just have to wait and see how far he can take this stunt.