The inauguration of President Donald Trump was an emotional day for the United States, and if you're like the millions who are against him, it was tough to watch. Since then, there have been tons of groups protesting the entrepreneur, but there was one separate incident from that day that brought some happiness to the Internet. Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer went viral over the weekend after it was discovered that he was punched in the face by a citizen during an inauguration day protest.

Soon, the Internet got their hands on the footage, and had a field day with making memes about Spencer and the harsh punch he took. Some even made music  to go along with their memes, while others celebrated the bold move by making hashtags like #PunchANazi. Killer Mike went on Twitter to assure folks that last time he checked, it was still okay for folks to punch a Nazi in the face.

Now, photos have surfaced on user babycommie666's Twitter account showing Spencer getting punched in the face for a second time within that same day period. It's evident that the second punch was done on the same day as the initial one, as the controversial figure is wearing the same suit that he was previously, as well as the infamous Pepe pin that could be seen in the first video. Oddly enough, Spencer is surrounded by a different group of protesters and citizens in this second incident, which means that two different people decided to punch him in the face at two completely separate times.

So far, Trump's presidency has brought on a heavy load of controversy and tension within the country. Check out the photos above to see Richard Spencer get punched in the face for a second time.



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