DJ Premier recently took the trip of a lifetime to South Africa and came back with an amazing story. In the country on business with his manager, Premo says that his team received an unexpected call from Nelson Mandela's grandson with a unique offer: the storied leader wanted to meet the DJ. Surely, Premier thought this was some sort of masterful prank. Could Mandela be a secret Gang Starr aficionado?

"It was set for 2:30 sharp," Premier explained in a recent video clip. "I remember they were running late... We wanted to make sure it wasn't a prank. We made a little turn and saw all these guys with guns and helmets and metal detectors and those things at the airport you put your stuff on for x-rays. We walked in and he was sitting there reading the paper like 'Come on in.' We were frozen, like I'm not even knowing which way I should go. We're still not believing this is Nelson Mandela: 92-years old, looking good, just chillin'."

While Premier doesn't discuss what the two talked about, we have to hope for some sort of follow-up where he explains their conversation in more depth. It's not often that a legendary world leader requests a meet-and-greet with the finest practitioner of boom-bap beats.

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