Undoubtedly, Drake is one of the hottest rappers in the game right now. But a debate is raging on Twitter of who is the biggest rapper in hip-hop between Nelly and Drake. We don’t know what the criterias are for this debate but the responses are split down the middle with people saying that Drizzy is bigger than the St. Louis legend, while others are crediting Nelly as the top rapper in his genre.

"We having a Nelly vs Drake debate? Nelly gave us Tip Drill... debate over," tweeted one commenter. Another person wrote, "Drake v. Nelly is an odd comparison.
Nelly hit higher highs with COUNTRY GRAMMAR and NELLYVILLE but Drake's cultural impact is much bigger."

There are some people puzzled by the debate because Nelly was popular in a different era when people actually went out and bought albums, as opposed to now, when most people are consuming music through streaming services. Also, Nelly is a "Diamond" artist; his debut album, 2000's Country Grammar, sold 10 million copies in the U.S.

"If we wanna talk about what Drake would've been in Nelly's era, be real, he would've been run out the game when those ref tracks surfaced," tweeted one fan. "Nelly hit the whole US like a bomb in the early 00s and there's no diminishing the moment, regardless of where he ended up since."

What do you think? Who is the bigger rapper - Nelly or Drake? Peep the people's reactions below.

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