Nelly recently denied ever being in a relationship with rumored longtime girlfriend Ashanti. "I've never said I was in a relationship, she's never said she's in a relationship, so I don't know where they do that at. But the thing is, we've always admitted we're friends. We hang out. She's a sweet girl, very pretty girl, very talented, but she does her thing as far as her career and I'm doing my thing as far as my career now. The end results are inconclusive." Sounds like their relationship is an autopsy. [BET]

So, the Chilean miners finally got out of that mine they were stuck in, and guess who's the most pumped? Snooki from the 'Jersey Shore.' "Wheww Chile we finally got our miners out!!" the little orange one tweeted. "I think this calls for #fistpumps via house music!!" Imagine you were a miner, stuck in a cave a couple of months, and an Oompa Loompa with a drinking problem offered to do some #fistpumps via house music in your honor. You'd be so psyched. [Sn00ki]