After welcoming daughter Madilyn Grace into the world less than a year ago, in November 2010, Ne-Yo is embracing a second bundle of joy alongside the child's mother, Monyetta Shaw.

People magazine reports the 31-year-old R&B sensation is the proud father of a new baby. The infant was born on Oct. 10.

"[Fatherhood] has been a ride, but I'm loving every minute of it," Ne-Yo shared with People last month.

Details surrounding the 'Libra Scale' creator's newborn are scarce, with the child's name being withheld.

On the music front, Ne-Yo released the title of his fifth studio album recently. 'The Cracks in Mr. Perfect' is his new LP, which will give insight into the man behind the artist.

"The album is based around showing people that, though I am a 'celebrity' or 'artist,' or whatever the case may be, I'm a human being first," he shared. "You know, I feel like as an artist sometimes, you're kinda expected to be this perfect being for your fans."

The forthcoming effort is scheduled for a 2012 release.

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