Two months after unveiling LeBron James as the next cover star -- and giving gamers their first taste of what's to come -- 2K Sports debut the official trailer for 'NBA 2K14.'

Soundtracked by Nas and Puff Daddy's 'Hate Me Now,' the minute-and-a-half video features all the staples of a 2K trailer: flashy dunks, silky smooth lay-ups and, of course, LBJ dominating games. There's also a nice dose of the new as we see the likes of KG, Paul Pierce and Monta Ellis rocking their new jerseys in 2K form for the first time. How about D12 yamming on his old team, too?

While the trailer is hardly overwhelming, it's worth pointing out that this is for Xbox 360 and PS3 only; all the next-gen goodies have yet to be revealed. Available to pre-order now, 'NBA 2K14' for current-gen hits shelves October 1.