Let's be honest: everything we've seen from 'NBA 2K14's current-gen edition so far looks almost identical to '2K13.' Sure, there's a few improvements here and there like European teams, an updated MY Team mode and the ability to actually block dunks. But from the gameplay to the graphics, you get the feeling 2K Sports put all their energy this year into the next-gen title.

Well, looking at this short but oh-so-sweet teaser trailer that just hit the 'net, that's a pretty fair statement.

Even with just eight seconds-worth of next-gen gameplay to study, it's overwhelmingly apparent we're about to experience the most realistic basketball simulation in history. From the depth of the crowd to the mesh on the jerseys, and not to mention James Harden's pout as he euro-steps to the basket for a silky smooth lay-up, 2K Sports have amplified every little detail.

Despite our gripes, 'NBA 2K14' on current-gen has already been crowned with a 9.3 rating by IGN, who described it as "simply the best hoops sim I’ve ever played," so the next-gen follow-up is only about to smash that score. 'NBA 2K14' is out today for Xbox 360 and PS3, and coming soon for Xbox One and PS4.