Following the release of his tribute song to his deceased partner Nate Dogg, Warren G is thinking back on the late singer's career and legacy, revealing that Nate had been working on gospel music at the end of his career.

The Long Beach vocalist, who died on March 15, 2011 from complications brought on by a series of strokes he suffered in 2007 and 2008, was one of hip-hop's most respected vocalists, known for his masterful sung choruses.

"He was a child of God and he was raised in the church. He had just started work with Gospel groups," Warren G told HipHopDX. "He was getting into Gospel music and there wasn't going to be no more 'I got hoes...' [Nate Dogg's chorus on Ludacris's 'Area Codes'] He was going to the church side of music. He brought people from the church to my studio and had them singing on one of my tracks. We didn't finish it."

The G-funk pioneer went on to say that he plans to continue building on Nate Dogg's legacy by putting out some of the many unreleased songs the two recorded, following the release of his upcoming EP with the fallen hip-hop hero, which will feature Game, Cee Lo Green, B.o.B., E-40 and DJ Quik.

As for the response to his tribute to his fallen friend, Warren said the support has been "overwhelming," though not all of the feedback has been easy to hear.

"It's been overwhelming. Everybody has been loving it," Warren said, before revealing a particularly irksome comment he received about the song. "I actually read a comment that some dude said. It kind of ticked me off. Some dude said, 'It took for your homeboy to die for you to make a classic record.' Why would you even say something like that? It's the dedication record. I do have a bunch of great records, and I'm still working. Give me a chance to work and put out music before you say something like that. I've been doing this. Me and Nate been doing this, we ain't changed. We still do the music."

Warren G's EP with Nate Dogg has yet to receive a release date, but will reportedly hit shelves this summer.

Watch Warren G's 'Regulate' feat. Nate Dogg
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