The Nae Nae dance has now reached nationwide popularity thanks to Kevin Canevari, a Mercer Bears basketball player. After his team beat Duke 78-71, in the biggest upset of the NCAA tournament so far, the team celebrated with a victory dance.

Canevari broke out into the dance repeating the steps while his teamed gathered around and cheered him on. The young man’s impressive footwork has now gone viral in all of its GIF-worthy glory.

For the uninitiated, the Nae Nae dance was created by Atlanta rap group We Are Toonz. The dance, which is loosely based on Martin Lawrence’s famous Sheneneh character on 'Martin,' has become a national phenomenon among athletes who do the dance after a big win.

It won't be long before we see the Nae Nae being performed alongside the fox trot on 'Dancing with the Stars.' It could happen.

Below is a video tutorial on the Nae Nae dance by We Are Toonz.