N.E.R.D. have a new album coming out, which they've bestowed with the clever title 'Nothing,' because apparently it's very political. "We looked at the war, we looked at commerce, we looked at finance, we looked at the environment," Pharrell said. "We also looked at other interesting things, like the new Ferrari. I like a flower as much as I like a Ferrari. If it's under the sun, why do I have to choose just one?" Uh...OK. [BBC]

Waka Flocka has a new video coming out. "The concept is just girls, sexy women," he told MTV News of the video for "No Hands." "We in the club, we in our party, we in our zone. It's about the women. She's sexy, she's elegant. We just went from there." YES. [MTV]

Some awesome dude has proposed to his girlfriend Snooki of the 'Jersey Shore' via the cover of Steppin' Out magazine. "I love her and want to be with her. Once she deals with the shock, I think [she'll] say yes. I really do. In fact, I know she'll say yes." If The Situation doesn't preside over their vows then this marriage is going to FAIL. [NYP]