Former No Limit rapper Mystikal is out of jail and into the digital age. "A lot of things have changed with this technology," he said of this modern age. "When I came home, dudes were trying to get beats to me. I'm like, "Here's my address, Fed Ex it to me," and they like, 'I'm gonna email it to you.' I'm like, 'N---a, what?!! For real?' It's crazy. And by being a viral situation, you can press a button and get to so many people man. Them dudes in trouble! You don't want to plug me in the Matrix. A n---a like me in the Matrix? Man, come on, a n---a can't f--k with me, for real." YES. [Complex]

While some claim he's the greatest rapper of all time, comedian David Cross is not impressed with Biggie's lyrics,"I do think Biggie Smalls is overrated. I just don't think he's as good a lyricist as people say he is." Chill, David Cross. [Pitchfork]

Actress Kim Cattrall talked about her new flick, and it sounds...awesome. "'Meet Monica Velour' is about a woman in her fifties who gives a young boy his first sexual awakening. I play a porn star from the eighties who's down on her luck. This young kid, who's 17 but says he's 18, is madly in love with her. They meet when she's doing her act at this horrible club and end up having a love affair. It's quite touching and very sweet." Oh, totally. [Parade]

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