Musiq Soulchild is no longer singing love songs. The veteran crooner, who sang such classic R&B ballads like 'Love' and 'Don't Change', is now a rapper. Yes, you read that correctly.

Soulchild is a full-fledged rhyme-spitter named The Husel. The singer-turned-rapper has unveiled his official website featuring videos and new music.

"The Husel is not a person, the Husel is a state of mind," he says of his rap alter ego. "Everyone has their own interpretation of the hustle, this just happens to be mine."

In the photo above, The Husel is dressed in all black, including Cazelle shades and a baseball cap in shape of a king's crown. A black bandana covers his face to hide his identity we presume.

The Husel also has a four-song mixtape that he released back in July. Among the tracks that catching people's attention is a song called 'Grindin.' It's a trap-inspired tune with The Husel spitting Auto-Tune-heavy get-money lyrics.

"Them Early mornings / Them late nights / I hit the road / Trying to take flight / I'm on my grind / Week to week," he raps, adding, "Never going to go broke / 'Cause I'm always out there trying to get paid."

Uh, OK.

It's too early for April Fools' Day, so we have to believe that Soulchild is really serious about his career change -- for better or for worse.

On Twitter, folks are slandering Musiq, err, we mean, The Husel, on their timelines. And the comments are brutal. Read some of the hilarious tweets below:

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