Musiq Soulchild is back with a slow-rolling, love sick track, "Start Over."

Just as the title suggests, Musiq wants his old love back, and spends most of the bass heavy track trying to convince her to "start over" with him because as he says, "no one else can love you the way that I could."

The track is pretty vintage Musiq-- straight forward and love lorn, though there's a raw soul element to this song that makes it standout as one of his better recent releases. It's the second single he's released leading up to his eight album, which is slated to drop at some point this summer.

"I can't deny in my mind / I always thought you and I were unfinished / So, how bout you and me start over / Ain't no doubt we ain't getting younger, bae / So why not give us a try? / See what you and me really could be, baby," he croons on the song.

Listen to the smooth track below.


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