Monica is celebrating the release of her seventh studio album, New Life, this week, but one person who is absent from the festivities is her mentor and idol Whitney Houston. A person the younger R&B star would call on for guidance, the late "I Will Always Love You" performer served as a support system when Monica needed it most.

As news surfaces over whether or not a Whitney Houston biopic will come to fruition, the obvious choices to play the lead role are women like Brandy and Monica, who were not only close friends of the deceased chanteuse, but also able to hit some of her high notes with ease. The BoomBox spoke to Monica about taking on the part, if she were offered.

"Absolutely without question," the "Man Who Has Everything" singer tells The BoomBox. "Not only was she my idol, she was my friend. She was there for me for the last 15 years. Never once did she waver in her faith in me. Never once did she tell me no she couldn't help me. She was a listening ear. She was a shoulder to cry on. I would be honored."

With previous acting experience in films like "Boys and Girls" and "ATL," among others, Monica would take the prestigious role only with the proper preparation. "I would probably step away and study for at least three to six months before I even embarked upon something like that," she admits. "But if that ever came my way I would absolutely do it."

Monica recently visited The BoomBox for a special performance of songs off her New Life LP. Check out her exclusive interview about touring with Brandy this summer, moving toward a gospel career and more here.

Watch Monica Perform "Angel of Mine/ So Gone Medley" in Our Studios

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