Basketball player Shannon Brown has confirmed reports that he secretly married R&B singer Monica. The rumormill had been swirling with reports that the lovebirds tied the knot, despite denials from both sides.

Brown, a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, casually owned up to the nuptials during a post-game interview. "It's true," he said. "I really don't know what else to say about it. It's true. That's my wife. I'm her husband. We gonna continue to make positive things happen."

The couple met last year when Brown appeared in the Grammy winner's video 'Love All Over Me.' After only a few months of dating, the two became engaged in October, which she announced via her Twitter page. "We realize people will have their opinions," she wrote after receiving some opposition to her decision. "That's the way of the world. But we know who we are & who's we are."

Monica was previously engaged to longtime boyfriend Rodney "Rocko" Hill, with whom she shares two sons, 3-year-old Romelo and 5-year-old Rodney Jr. Now that she's married to Brown, the Atlanta native can add stepmother to her resume, as Brown, also has a young son from a previous relationship. Blending families is something that 30-year-old is used to, which she discussed with The BoomBox last year.

"I think that it's good for people to see that you can have the things that you truly want, and I don't mean that in a material way. I mean with relationships," she said. "We're very much a blended family. I have a mother and a stepfather who I love very much. I'm still very close to my own father. I have a brother, I have two small sons. I still have my career, all these different things, and it speaks volumes to your everyday person."

Watch Monica's 'Everything to Me'

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