Monica"We're talking about it," R&B sweetheart Monica reveals to the BoomBox about filming another season of her BET reality show 'Still Standing.' During the first season of the series, cameras followed Monica as she juggled raising a family and recording her first album in four years. Also titled 'Still Standing,' the album is scheduled for release on March 23.

"I have issues, just like everybody else," she admits, "but I look at things from a very positive point of view and I didn't want to do a reality show if it couldn't be seen for that. You know, that may equate to boring for some people, but for people who know that real life is hard enough and they just sometimes may want to hear a positive word or two or see somebody going through some of the same things and coming out of it, then this is a show they'll enjoy. And I think Season Two, what we'd do is we'd actually take the show out on the road, because now it's time for me to promote. So we won't try to do anything contrived."

The BoomBox suggests to her that BET has plenty of those contrived programs already, and that she is adding something positive to the network by showing the dedication and hard work it takes to create, record and arrange and album (and go on the road, if season two materializes).

"Yeah, it's just not us anymore, we're at a totally different place," she agrees, citing the dramas portrayed elsewhere. "I think that it's good for people to see that you can have the things that you truly want, and I don't mean that in a material way. I mean with relationships. We're very much a blended family. I have a mother and a stepfather who I love very much. I'm still very close to my own father. I have a brother, I have two small sons. I still have my career, all these different things, and it speaks volumes to your everyday person. I was pleased with how they showed it."

The fate of this new season may or may not be affected by Monica's announcement today -- through gossip columnist Sandra Rose's website -- that she and her fiance Rocko, the father of her two children, are separating. "Even separated we will always be family," she followed up in a tweet. Despite the hardships, we'll bet Monica will still remain standing.

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