Reality television has been either a blessing or a curse for those who venture down its path, but rapper Lil Jon says he has no plans to be the next in line.

"I hate reality shows," says The King of Crunk. "It's funny because me and my wife [argue] all the time about reality shows 'cause she loves reality shows and watches them all day, all the time. And I be like, 'C'mon. No. No.' To me, I don't want people in my life like that."

In a recent interview with the Associated Press the ATL rapper said his wife was approached to join the cast of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' a few years ago, but turned down the opportunity after he explained to her being part of the show would be a bad idea.

"Somebody approached [my wife] years ago about [The Real Housewives of Atlanta] and she was entertaining it. And I kind of explained to her, 'Once you get on this show, you're not going to be able to nowhere without people not recognizing you. And then the most important thing with those shows is the Internet has strong opinions about the characters, and if you can't take criticism or you can't take people talking about you, you really don't want to get on them shows because women are harsh critics on women' ... So she weighed in her own options and decided not to do it."

Lil' Jon's solo debut 'Crunk Rock' is on shelves now.

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