There are at least two valuable life lessons to be gleaned from the soap-opera-like video for 'Until It's Gone,' the lead-off single from R&B singer Monica's forthcoming seventh album, 'New Life.'

First and foremost: Don't argue while driving. The clip centers on two characters -- Monica's close pal and her boyfriend -- and when the pair have words in their automobile, it leads to a devastating accident.

As the visuals open, Monica's friend is being wheeled into the hospital on a gurney. Her boyfriend, meanwhile, seems to have escaped with just a gnarly facial wound.

When Monica shows up, she reveals her contempt for the boyfriend, getting all up in his grill and implying that his infidelity -- confirmed later on when incriminating photos show up on his iPhone -- are to blame for the mishap.

Just when things can't get any sadder, we learn the couple has a kid. Then things get sadder still, as the injured woman dies, leaving behind a waiting room filled with grieving loved ones.

The overarching lesson: Cheating is bad news -- be happy with what you've got.

Watch Monica's 'Until It's Gone'

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