NeyoThe mothers of Lil Wanye, Ne-Yo and T-Pain are collaborating just like their sons, but they're not using music as their medium, they're using television. The women revealed that they are working together on a talk show. Titled 'Dinner Table Discussions' Wayne's mom Jacida Carter, T-Pain's mom Aliyah Najm, and Ne-Yo's mom H. Loraine Smith, will focus on educating viewers. After all, mother knows best. The show's format, which sounds very similar to the ABC morning show 'The View,' will also discuss current events and feature guests. Judging by the title, the show, unlike 'The View,' will most likely air around dinnertime, in the late afternoon or evening.

"Our vision is to be a premier talk show that delivers a creative and informative format that assists viewers in educating and solving challenging issues," Najm said in a statement. "There are situations in our communities, cities, states and even nationwide that people have made us aware of and they want to resolve the issues, but they just don't know where to get help or how to properly handle certain issues."

No word yet on which network the show will air on. 'Dinner Table Discussions' is set to air in 2010.