Ne-Yo and MomScore one for the super moms. Jacinda Carter, Aliyah Najm and H. Loraine Smith, mothers of Lil Wayne, T-Pain and Ne-Yo respectively, have been presented with the first annual 'Queens in Our Communities' award. The honor cites their work empowering women across the United States and an award ceremony is taking place this weekend in Atlanta.

"We are honored to receive the humanitarian award," said Smith. "We appreciate being acknowledged for our efforts towards making our corner of the world a little better. We believe that all of us have something to contribute to the betterment of our community. We chose to use education and empowerment as our vehicle towards that end. It is amazing and gratifying to be recognized by your peers for attempting to accomplish the same goals."

If you're in the ATL area, you can check out the ceremony live March 7 at 7PM at the Historic Highland Inn & Ballroom. According to Carla Barnes, the award program director, all three mothers encourage young women to focus on education and become ethical entrepreneurs.

"These women we will honor have an above average entrepreneurial spirit, high ethics and community spirit, financial and management skill coupled with creativity and out of the box thinking," said Barnes. "The event is designed to ignite the fire and inspire a whole new generation of empowered women across the country."