MIMS wants your participation on his next project. The NYC rapper, best known for his single 'This Is Why I'm Hot,' is holding a contest for aspiring hip-hop musicians to lay a verse over tracks or supply an instrumental to acapellas from his EP '[Open] Bars,' which was purposely left unfinished to allow competitors to add their own touch to the songs.

"I wanted to interject something into the industry that can directly affect my fans," said MIMS in a statement. "Technology has made it so easy to interact with people on a level never before seen in music. I plan on using that ingenuity and that spirit when completing this project."

The contest, presented through Digiwaxx Media, is being held on MIMS' website where hopefuls can choose to either supply beats to five different acapellas or test their rhyme skills over five of the instrumentals, including the Lex Luger-produced 'Vroom Vroom.' Entrants can submit the finished product to mimsopenbars@gmail.com until Feb. 11.

MIMS most recently released his sophomore album 'Guilt' in April 2009. The LP bowed at No. 53 on the Billboard 200 after selling 12,400 copies in its first week.

Watch MIMS' This Is Why I'm Hot'
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