Hip-hop mogul Diddy is using social media to judge a new contest in support his Diddy-Dirty Money Coming Home tour -- he's in search of a "true fan" to become a member of the Dirty Money Crew.

In a video posted on his website, Diddy revealed the contest, called "Upgrade," by offering ticket buyers the opportunity to win cool swag and spend some quality time with the man himself.

"I'm looking for a true fan. I don't even like calling it a fan, a family member, you know?" Diddy explained. "You coming to see me and the crew get busy in your town, and you want to

get upgraded? That means you want to become a part of the Dirty Money Crew. That means you want to meet me. You want me to autograph that 'Last Train to Paris,' that 'No Way Out,' that 'Life After Death,' any of the albums that I've done, you gonna bring those."

He went on to detail more of the items the "family member" would walk away with. "You want a Dirty Money Jacket? We gonna give you one of those, 'Last Train to Paris' autographed album, 'Last Train To Paris' flipcam ... a lot more," Diddy said.

To enter the contest, fans must provide proof of purchase by uploading a Twitpic, Facebook photo or YouTube video of their Coming Home tour ticket, and say "Hey what's up Diddy, got my proof of purchase. Pow, look at my picture!" Diddy explained. They will also be required to include the specific tour stop which they will be attending.

Diddy's month-long, 19-date Coming Home tour launches in Minneapolis, Minn., on April 13. Check the tour dates here.

Watch Diddy-Dirty Money's 'Coming Home'
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