Sometimes the best way to address a serious issue is to use a lighthearted approach, which is what Problem did for his song and video "Don't Belong To You," off his new release Chachiville.

In the clip, the talented rapper goes to the corner store with a lovely female next to him, while back at his crib a few street-toughs await. Based on the overall concept of the song, it's evident that the men are jealous of Problem's relationship with the woman, and they want revenge.

Next — not to give too much away — the Compton rhymer shows up at his house, is met by one of the men who want to harm him, and that's where the climax of the video takes place.

In a recent interview with Fader, the Cali native said the story in the song hit close to home for him, and he told listeners not to let its comedic nature take away from the important  message.

"Even though I took more of a lighthearted approach with the delivery of this, in all seriousness, I've lost a lot of people over this same situation," he said. "We can't expect things or people that we don't give 100 percent to, to give the same amount in return to us. Enjoy the moments always but know the game is just that and bro, that p---- don't belong to you."

You can check out the video above and get Problem's new Chachiville project here.

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