Mike WiLL Made It has released artwork for his upcoming Miley Cyrus, Juicy J, and Wiz Khalifa collaboration, '23,' today, but the actual song itself is nowhere to be found.The buzzing producer has teased the release of the single for over two months now. In fact, when he initially began talking about it, there was another cover for the single. This final version is a slight variation. Since then, Mike has delayed the release date, organized a publicized video shoot, and even released two snippets of the song. At this point, everyone has heard Miley Cyrus' verse, where the young songstress raps about doing drugs and even interpolates Naughty By Nature.

But despite all of these headlines and coverage, the song has yet to come out. In fact, it's only supposed to come out Sept. 10.

Of course, building up hype is a big part of hip-hop these days, especially by creating fodder-worthy headlines for online publications (The BoomBox included). And it makes sense to take advantage of all the promotional tools at one's disposal, especially when the lineup includes one of the biggest artists in music right now. But at this point, the wait has gone on for too long. Especially for the release of just one song, of which we have already heard the most important part.

There comes a point when a song will simply speak for itself. At this rate, Mike WiLL's project will likely come out next year, if not even later. The producer is obviously a busy man, working with everyone from Jay Z to Andre 3000, but if he wants to build up his own catalog, he should start putting out his material now before he disappears from hip-hop's consciousness the way others have before him.