It couldn't have taken Mike Posner long to pick 'Looks Like Sex' as the lead single from his forthcoming sophomore album, 'Sky High.' Singles lead to videos, and when you've got a tune that goes, "That ass makes me want to oooh-ooh-ooh," it lends itself to some pretty risque -- read: fun-to-shoot -- visuals.

Sure enough, the just-released clip finds the Detroit electro-hip-hop singer and songwriter cavorting around with a bevy of barely dressed hotties. One wears nothing but body paint, while most of the others opt for glow-in-the-dark lingerie.

At one point, two girls appear in silhouette and rub white powder all over each other. Not to be out-sexed, the body-paint girl follows their display with a memorable bathtub scene.

If at any point the director asked Posner for a re-take, we're guessing he was game.