Since the release of his debut album, '31 Minutes to Takeoff,' Mike Posner has spent countless hours in the studio collaborating with the likes of Big Sean, 2 Chainz and Justin Bieber as both a songwriter and producer.

The singer recently joined forces with pop duo Timeflies to discuss working together, musical inspirations, and perform the song 'Amy' in the latest episode of  PopCrush's 'Collaboration Room' series.

As the three musicians caught up with one another -- they've collaborated in the past -- Mike speaks on his approach to joining forces with other artists. “I try not really to try,” the 'Cooler Than Me' singer reveals. “Anytime I try to force out a song, it’s never been good. It’s an intuitive thing. It’s a heart thing, a feel thing.”

He also thinks the collaboration process strengthens the more it happens. “I believe collaboration is a skill that gets developed and owned," he explains, "just like you would own your skill at guitar, piano or singing.”

Aside from their performance, Mike tells Timeflies how Kanye West has motivated him (which you can watch below). When Big Sean had a meeting about new music with the 'Yeezus' creator, he listened to a track the Detroit rapper and Mike did together. Afterwards, Kanye did what he does best -- be honest about the material he heard.

"He said, 'Maybe it could be for Lupe [Fiasco], it's not for Sean," he told the singer, writer, and producer. "And I road the elevator down with them. And I didn't have to make the decision to be motivated at that moment. I just was. I couldn't wait to get out of the elevator and make more music."

Mike Posner's forthcoming sophomore album, 'Pages,' is due later this year.

Watch Mike Posner Tell Timeflies About How Kanye West Motivated Him