In 2004, Mike Jones invited the world to indulge in Houston’s hip-hop culture when he dropped his delightfully infectious smash ‘Still Tippin’,’ featured on his debut album, 'Who Is Mike Jones.'

The screwed-up track paid homage to an evening spent cruising the streets of H-Town in candy-painted cars. On Thursday (Aug. 21), Complex spotlights the track and those who helped create it in their 'Magnum Opus' series. “We just thought it would be another regional hit. But [‘Tippin’’s success] changed everything,” Jones tells The Boombox. “People’s perception of me, opinions, it changed everything. Even the things I never thought it would change.”

The track featured his Swisha House homies Slim Thug and Paul Wall for extra authenticity and if the music itself wasn’t enough, Jones enlisted renowned director Dr. Teeth to provide the vision. “I remember telling Teeth: ‘Man. It’s got to be different. It’s got to have that grit,’” he shares.

“I ain’t want to shoot a video where it was all glossed out,” he continues. “That’s fake. Like, if you imagine coming to our city, our state and the door opening up to you. Like ‘Look at what we do. Welcome.’ I wanted it to have that feel.” So Slim Thug pulled out his big-body Cadillac and the crew even went out to Houston’s Third Ward neighborhood for the shot.

'Still Tippin’’ ended up being the track that made Mike Jones a household name -- even in the suburbs. “Even if it didn’t go nationwide it was a good representation of where we were from. That’s why it felt good to record. Everybody likes tippin’ on 4s, everybody likes swanging, everybody likes hopping out of candy paint,” Jones states. The Houston native knew it would be a hit within his city and potentially the whole state of Texas, but it grew to be much bigger than he envisioned.

“It went from Texas to Louisiana to New York to Cali and onward. It’s crazy,” he recalls. “Ten years-plus later, you drop that song and the people go crazy. Right now.”

Keep checking The Boombox for more from our interview with Mike Jones, in which he talks new music, new movements and his renewed commitment to the treadmill.

Watch Mike Jones Revisit 'Still Tippin' on 'Magnum Opus'